Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Shameless Plug For A Friend: "Higher Rates Are The Answer"

Every time I visit with Phoenix-based sales guru Jim Taszarek, I find myself learning something practical. Right now he's promoting sales training webinars with extremely helpful daily email blasts, worth subscribing to.

"At a recent summit a well known CEO, when asked how to solve the present situation said, We just need to get our rates up. Right. That's like Detroit saying Our problems will disappear if we just get higher prices for our cars. Can you imagine telling the salespeople, Stick to the Sticker. It's not about Rates. It's about Value. There's a disconnect between our perception of our value - and their perception of our value. We think we're worth more than they do. Unfortunately it's what they think that counts. They didn't create those perceptions - we did. It's how we sold ourselves that caused the above." -- Taz

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