Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's HOT? Saving!

They’re saving gas by Staying Home for the Holidays (90.0%), they’re saving time with Online Shopping (77.8%), they’re saving money with Fast Food Dollar Menus (67.5%) and Dollar Stores (64.3%), and they’re saving electricity with LED Holiday Lights (57.5%).

Day after Thanksgiving Shopping is still a hit with the under 35 crowd, thus saving on all of those Black Friday deals.

What’s Not? Holiday Travel…need we say more?

Current economic troubles have retailers bracing for a bleak holiday season, but some consumers are finding a slim silver lining post-election…22.3% are confident/very confident in chances for a strong economy, rising from 19.0% last month, but down a substantial 15 points from one year ago. Those who voted for President-elect Obama indicate slightly higher confidence (26.6%), while those backing Senator McCain are portending a still-grim outlook (15.5%).

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