Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Overnights Delivered In Song" Got Me

I have a job, I don't need a job, in spite of this tough economy, thankfully. So, why do I religiously read Graeme Newell's Marketing Ideanet Jobs email every week?? .. because it includes postings like this one:

Promotion Writer/Producer
WHIO – Dayton, OH

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Working at WHIO-TV

10. Every morning Director of Research delivers the overnights “in song”
9. That ENG truck featured on last season’s Pimp My Ride? Ours.
8. Envious looks when you tell people you live in Dayton
7. Two Words: Pajama Thursdays
6. Last team-building exercise was finding the answer to how many people can fit in Master Control (88)
5. We’re finally ending overnight topicals!
4. Win in November, get Creative Services Director’s awesome El Camino for the weekend
3. All image promos begin with the words “In a world”
2. Getting treated like a rock star in news
1. POPs always more fun when they demonstrate your “Proof of Pants!”

At WHIO-TV we take our jobs seriously, but we also believe work is better when people are having fun. If you believe hard work and having fun aren’t mutually exclusive, come see what you’re missing in a city with a high quality of life and low cost of living. At the risk of burying the lead, we are one of the most dominant news stations in the country, owned by one of the best-regarded groups in the country. If you are the kind of producer who strives to outdo yourself with every script and every spot, we want to talk to you. To apply, please have a minimum of two years experience and a reel that demonstrates your understanding of contemporary production techniques (i.e., no cheese).

Send resume, cover letter, and DVD to:
Creative Services Director
1414 Wilmington Avenue
Dayton Ohio 45429
WHIO-TV is an Equal Opportunity Employer

.. makes me want to work there (it looks like the TV station where Phil Donohue got his start is still thinking creatively)!

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