Monday, September 15, 2008

CMT asks: "Is It The Water?" As Ronnie Dunn and LeAnn Cancel Shows

First it was LeAnn Rimes. Now it’s Brooks & Dunn.

Is there something in the Nashville water?

Rimes had to pull out of a concert with Kenny Chesney because of tonsillitis. (Fortunately, Miranda Lambert made a more than adequate substitute.)

And, now Brooks & Dunn have canceled a show in York, Pa., and postponed shows near Pittsburgh and Chicago because of Ronnie Dunn’s severe respiratory condition.
“I’m sitting here sick, pretty bummed out, with no voice,” was the message from Ronnie Dunn.

-- CMT

My take: if they were sitting in Nashville drinking the H20 all summer rather than touring constantly and singing their hearts out for all of us, they'd probably have healthier throats.

A big thanks to both ailing stars for what they put their bodies through in order to entertain us.

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