Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Because You Can Find A Willing Lawyer Doesn't Mean You Have A Case

No one is more upset about Arbitron's sample issues than I am. The only stat growing faster than their profit margins is the number of places with totally unacceptable proportionality problems and missed sample targets in more and more cells and I wish they were doing more to address this in the hundreds of diary markets instead of bragging about improving proportionality in the handful of PPM cities coming online.

But, what's the point of harassing ARB with complaints to the FCC, the AG, the courts? That's like suing Wendy's because The Baconater has more fat than you'd like to have in your lunch. Have a salad, or go somewhere else.

Cumulus is not renewing their ARB contracts which expire at the end of the year and it sounds like at least Nielsen and Eastlan, if not others, have been vying for that business

That's a good thing. Healthy competition and smarter, more state-of-the-art approaches are needed. More savvy researchers will solve these problems, not more attorneys.

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