Monday, April 01, 2013

You Could Buy Facebook Ads

You know the drill:  "if you like Luke Bryan, like (station brand)."  And, it certainly works as long as your competition hasn't figured that out yet, but the goal is to drive listening to your radio station and hits to your website, isn't it?

Check this blog out on Seattle's 100.7 THE WOLF and learn how to move well beyond social media 101.

My Personal and Private Struggle with Weight, Body Image, & Self-Confidence by Ellen

When's the last time that listeners responded to anything on your website by writing things like this?
You are the real you, and people do see that, and soon, you will too!  
I feel your pain.
You aren't alone.
You just wrote everything I too am experiencing.
I'm here for you! Maybe we can start a FB page to help each other keep motivated? Like a support group.
Changing your attitude is the first step.
Thanks for writing this blog, it is good to not be alone. 
You are sooo my hero! You're not the only one! I feel the exact same!
Raining Hope!  What a great way to face this struggle.

Thank you for sharing.  I feel like I was reading something I wrote myself.

I love listening to you every day and enjoy you bring so candid but the bravery you exhibit here makes me love you even more.

I think you are brave and I have so much respect for you sharing your most personal thoughts.

Your transparency truly says the most about what is on the inside and your character - thank you for sharing your heart with all of us.

You Can Do It!  We all struggle with something in our lives.

You so beautifully expressed . . . Exactly the way that so many of us feel every single day.
You are an amazing woman to share this with your fans, and I am hopeful that you stay on this path with your guardian angel. 

Being yourself, opening yourself to others is a magical thing.  

So is opening yourself to listening to the responses genuine authenticity elicits.

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David Craig said...

I worked several years ago with a young radio personality whose on-air persona was that of a smart-ass punk. Unfortunately, listeners weren’t accustomed to hearing a smart-ass punk on our station, so his was a polarizing tenure. On the other hand, listeners who met him in person found him charming. In real life encounters, he was warm and friendly. My daughter, then 5, thought he was the coolest thing going.

In the social media era, is your social media persona close to what you’re like in real life? It is sometimes surprising for me to meet a social media friend/contact IRL and find that she or he is a bit different from what I expected. More (or less) serious. More (or less) friendly. More (or less) engaging. Younger (or older).

Do you converse freely with others on Twitter when, in reality, you’re more of an introvert? Do you mainly just share thoughts about your business/profession on Facebook when, in fact, you’re a person with many interests? Do you brag about your accomplishments on LinkedIn when most people know you as a generally humble person? Are you a person who spends hours honing a simple business presentation but launches spontaneous social media rants with much less forethought?