Thursday, April 04, 2013

The New "Transistor Radio" Is Also The New "Alarm Clock"

While Arbitron and Edison Research's 21st "Infinite Dial" study proclaims that in 2013 AM/FM radio remains, for now at least, "king" in the vehicle, our early birds are migrating south.

It's imperative that your smart phone app have a "wake up to your station" stream function if you want to be in the at home early morning game

Especially if you target under 35's.

It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway!) that your morning show needs to be as personal, fresh, fun, entertaining, interactive and as consistently-relevant as your real competition for listening time at home in the morning:  an alarm sound, email, social networks and a browser!

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Inside Radio said...

Radio is an “almost all of the times” or “most of the times” in-car choice for nearly six in ten adults aged 18+. “It has far more frequent users than other in-car audio options,” Arbitron’s Bill Rose says.

But in-car media choices are rapidly changing, driven in part by the growing availability of Bluetooth connections between smartphones and the car stereo. Three in ten drivers/riders now have access to a Bluetooth connection in their car, and that’s driving web radio usage on the road. The number of Americans who report ever having listened to internet radio in their car from a cell phone connected to the stereo has more than tripled in three years. One in five people who own a cellphone have used it to listen to online radio in their car, up from 6% just three years ago. That’s consistent with a new finding from NPD Group, which finds roughly one in five Pandora or iHeartRadio users are currently connecting to those services in their cars.

While automakers are racing to include infotainment systems in their new models, Arbitron-Edison data shows the technology is still in its infancy with only 6% of drivers/riders reporting having one. “Billions are being spent on connected cars,” Rose says. “Now is the time to define your in-car strategy.”