Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Very Aggressive!

Anyone who has seen a popular game in PPM ratings understands that usage is sky-high and the majority of us, if we could run a playoff game on air would be out trying to get Super Bowl size rates for the inventory.

Clear Channel research reports that Arbitron/Tapscan data shows 63% of modern rock listeners are men, so to keep the guys listening during the Stanley Cup finals Clear Channel alt-rocker “98.7 FM” KYSR, Los Angeles is dumping commercials during the NHL finals and picking up the play-by-play from sister station KTLK (1150) during spotbreaks

The station will also update listeners about changes on the scoreboard between songs.  Program director Julie Pilat says “music is king” at the station, but adds, “Our listeners are so excited about the LA Kings’ success so far, and we are in the business of giving our listeners what they want.”

Can Julie and station management be thinking that they can grab double the reveue during games and improve cume duplication between the stations at the same time.

Ya think?  VERY savvy move.

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