Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emergencies Separate Wheat From Chaff

When you search Google using the term "Colorado Springs radio" one station rises to the top.

It's a sad commentary that below that comes the nationally-syndicated religious broadcaster WAY-FM, followed by NPR stations from Minnesota and Boston.

Fortunately, Cumulus-owned 740 KVOR is rising to the top not just in SEO but also in its fire coverage as the city is under a mandatory evacuation.

The people inside the building at 6805 Corporate Drive today should make us all proud of what radio can be at its very best.

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Cumulus Colorado Springs said...

Cumulus Media’s Colorado Springs cluster has been helping keep listeners up to date with the latest news about the Waldo Canyon wildfires.

Now it’s coming to the aid of local businesses displaced by the fire or closed during the evacuations.

Market manager Kent Hildebrand says they’re offering free commercial time on the cluster’s six stations to advertisers within the evacuation zone. “This is an opportunity to let thousands of listeners know that you’re open for business again.”