Monday, June 11, 2012

A Face For Radio

Not surprisingly nearly every morning show I run into has a strong belief that their numbers would be even better if only the radio station put them in TV commercials.

Not necessarily so.

I know of one major market country morning show whose very successful ratings uptrend was reversed when perceptual research seemed indicate that the only thing holding them back was cume and endorsed TV advertising as a means to solve the problem.

The folks who listened to them loved them when given their names, but the majority of local radio users had no idea who they were.

In a few weeks, we were all at Filmhouse in Nashville where they produced some very funny TV spots. 

Not long after, local television was saturated during the next survey period with these excellent, professionally-produced spots.

The survey comes out.  Ratings are down.

A year later and another perceptual study indicates that once folks as seen them, even the ones who had liked them before didn't anymore.  Now, everyone knows their names, but based on their looks folks don't like them!

Some folks are simply more successful when heard or met in person.

Video is an art onto itself.  If you can do it well, of course do it.

But, if you have any doubts about your appearance on camera under lights, get savvy help, great maakeup and objective direction. 

Video, indeed, is capable of killing the radio star ... unless it's used very effectively.

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