Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boiling It Down To Three Charts

As part of its ongoing research and membership services initiatives, the Country Music Association just announced results from its recent Music Listening Study (click to read the complete press release).

Country Music fans are avid radio listeners and doing as much radio listening as ever.  Compared to a year ago, 87 percent of respondents are listening to local Country Radio stations as much or more, with 18-24 year olds being twice as likely to listen to more Country Music than the prior year, driven largely by the appeal of new music genres.

Loyalty is a top influencer for choosing Country Radio as evidenced by 75 percent of listeners reporting they have been listening to the same station for years. 

While AM/FM car radio is the top source Country Music fans tap for music listening, fans are also fueling their passion for music online as well.

Every country radio station has a complimentary membership for 2012, thanks to CMA, so be sure to go online and grab this free information and if it raises any questions, any of the A&O team would love to talk with you about it.

1 comment:

Jesse James said...

18-24 yr olds listening more means a bright future for country radio! Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift...the next generation of country radio listeners are moving into the money demo's...this is great, but, are country radio stations giving them what they want when they tune in? Yes, great music, but are the radio shows connecting? They grew up with reality drama all over TV...they know it, they love it. There is a reason Judge Judy beat Oprah over the last years of Oprah's show.
I for one, have been told in the past, to ignore the American Idols...the Bachlorette's and such because "country listeners don't care". I've been told to stay away from relationship topics...divorce, cheating, scandals...stay away from the Charlie Sheen meltdowns and such. Do you think there might be a disconnect between some country radio stations and listeners lives and emotions?
I first came into country radio in 1995, from CHR, when Garth, Tim and Kenny were changing country music, and the same thing is happening now, right? Can we, country radio, be more responsibly edgy by covering these topics?
I would love to hear your thoughts Jaye, and thanx for the blog! :)