Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rock 101 And Corus Are Right, But I Still Don't Think I Am Wrong

Three cheers to Corus Entertainment's Classic Rock 101/Vancouver for banning the prize pig who was found selling his winnings on Craigslist.

I agree: that's a lot more than one step too far.

The 50-something “North Van Brad,” as some listeners have dubbed him, has prolifically competed in dial-in competitions across the Lower Mainland for the past three decades.

Reselling contest tickets are against most radio contest rules, but Williams — who insists he’s innocent — claims he’s being singled out for winning 500 times too much.

“You can only imagine how often I was in their (station) tower,” he jokes.

“I don’t really do it for financial gain,” said Williams, who works at home for his wife’s legal research firm. “I do it because I like to go to the concerts, the nice restaurants. I’ve won some trips. I’ve won some cash. I’ve won just about everything short of a house.”

I know the radio promotion people and our air personalities generally prefer to limit folks like Brad to "you can only win once per month" or similar limitations, but in spite of this excess, I still feel that's a mistake.

They are heavy radio users and, like Brad, if they can't win from you, they'll quickly go to another station. If that's the week they happen to have a diary .. or even worse if this is the year (or two!) that their household happens to have a meter (or many of them!) .. you lose.

Radio contests are about making it fun and rewarding to listen. Smart stations make it easier and simpler for the kind of folks who love to play radio games and contests + participate in radio research to win more often.

North Van Brad hasn't convinced me I am wrong about THAT.

Take the limitations off your contest rules, but you might want to lurk on Craigslist now and then as well as being sure that your prize rules prohibit reselling prizes.


Mike Dana Schuff said...

Interesting! It is usually confusing and a guaranteed fun-deflator. Like telling your 3-year old to have fun, BUT.....

Rebecca Black said...

While I agree that heavy radio users like Brad are just as important as the next listener...I wonder about all the other people tuning in and hearing Brad winning over and over. What happens when THEY get a diary? Isn't there a better chance that radio will alienate them? And isn't a "heavy user" like Brad tuning in to multiple stations anyway? Isn't there more of a chance that he will give another station credit in his diary, when all those other loyal "non prize pigs" might be more inclined to give you their nod after hearing you gave "annoying Brad" the boot? Just some thoughts. :)

Jaye Albright said...

Scott Shannon at PLJ used to do a regular interview on air with one of his prize pigs explaining to other listeners how he did it using his demon dialer. If I remember correctly, 60 Minutes even did a segment on it way back when..

Sharon Green said...

It can be a problem when you can recognize a winner by their voice they win that much. I don't like having restrictions on winning. There are times when winners don't get played back or full names given.

Ralph Cipolla said...

When I took over WCSX/Detroit in '92 and heard about the '30 day rule' I said - "Hmm, so I'm a 'store,' and a customer walks in and I say sorry Sir/Ms, you were in here 2 weeks ago, so you're not allowed to shop for another 2 weeks." Really? Promo ppl fought changes. ...lesson: it was an emotional battle of wills - THE SYSTEM vs. THE RULES. IT'S NOT RIGHT, DAMMIT! HE'S A PRIZE-PIG! Ugh.

Buzz Bishop said...

As a former Vancouver jock, part of the reason for this bannination is the man himself. He makes fakes names, has an air of entitlement, and is just a pain in the ass. Corus looked for an angle to get him out and found it. Good for them. But there are dozens more where he came from. And it's too bad, prizes are meant to bring fresh faces to clients and to have fresh voices on the street telling friends "I won on the radio". When it's the same person every day, you lose that organic viral messaging.

Anonymous said...

Singling out listeners and making an example of them is not right.

About commentor 'Buzz Bishop', wasnt he the dj who was fired after 14 years at one station, because he made so many enemies at the station and with listeners.

I think he had what you may call a 'sense of entitlement'. His ego walked into the station before he did.Thats what I was told.

Anonymous said...

'Three Cheers for Corus Radio'.

I think you are focusing on why Goliath is so great. All Goliath wants to do is entertain us and not make millions of dollars of profit.They cant possibly do anything wrong, right.

Its my understanding that Corus radio started this whole thing, excuse me, Goliath started this whole thing. They are always right and just want to entertain us, right. They would never come after you, right.