Monday, April 23, 2012

An Unconventional Method Of Letting Everyone Know You're #1

Lots of radio stations call themselves #1.

It used to be that young programmers were advised by the savvy old pros "the more you say you're #1, the faster you'll be #1.

Now, to be believed, your claim must resonate as truth with listeners. Otherwise, their BS detector blows louder than your claim.

Getting sued by Arbitron is one way to make sure everyone in your town knows that it's true, it seems, since ARB says that it wasn't the fact that KMX 106.7 said on their air "Thanks for making us the most-listened to radio station in the Wiregrass...” why they hit the station's owner with a $350,000 copyright infringement lawsuit. It was because the claim was true in the latest Arbitron survey.

KMX is a very unconventional radio station as their latest TV spot on You Tube shows.

A&O was the very first in our business to call our annual perceptual reports for clients, "Roadmaps" more than eight years ago.

However, if we ever hear from an attorney for Rand McNally, they'd have our full attention.

Something tells me that WKMX feels the same way right now.

I guess it's OK to say you're #1. Just don't BE #1 at the same time?

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Matthieu said...

Looks like the Chrysler Tv Ad during the Superbowl isn't it ?
Look the 2 spots on my website:

Always a pleasure to read your blog !