Monday, April 16, 2012

I Was Wrong (Lady Antebellum Edition)

Congratulations are in order for Lady Antebellum‘s Dave Haywood and his new wife Kelli Cashiola, who married last Saturday night (April 14), just outside their hometown of Nashville.


As "Dancing Away With My Heart" heads toward #1 in the next few weeks, it's probably time, as a bit of a wedding gift, to admit that I am the one who said that a song with the lyric "you headed off to college at the end of that summer.." would never be a country hit.

I was wrong.

No, Johnny Cash, Hank Sr., or George Jones would never have sung about heading off to college, but today's country listener qualitative has been evolving for decades. The fact that heading off to college seems perfectly normal as an authentic, relatable story line for country fans in 2012 reinforces that long time country purists are just going to have to adapt (as we always have to this transitional format).

Country music always moves forward, changing to incorporate the core values of real people now, coping with life, today.

About that, I am not wrong.

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