Friday, April 20, 2012

Going Out On A Very High Note

29 years at one radio station is a lot to be proud of and perhaps when you saw the amazing ratings in the last two months for Milwaukee's #1 radio station, WMIL, you were unaware of the fact that last month was the final one on the station for the venerable Mitch Morgan.

As Clear Channel implements its cost-efficient WAN-based Premium Choice national programming in more and more places, the axe finally fell on Mitch in Milwaukee.

They call it "retirement," and being the class act he has always been, that is precisely how he took it.

Do an internet search for his name and you'll not find a disparaging word either from or about this yoeman personality.

Whatever comes next for WMIL in midday, it has a very high ratings number to match in Mitch's final two months and the entire radio station performed very well. Clear Channel has a wonderful team in their Howard Avenue studios in Greenfield, WI. I hope the company appreciates that.

Mitch, you know you have many wonderful, devoted friends and loyal fans which have been built thanks to your great work on air, refined Music Director "ears," deep involvement in the Wisconsin community on the streets, constant support for thousands of artists and mentoring of other radio people who look up to you as a role model.

Count me among them.

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