Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Pile Of "Change" On This PD's Desk

Last week, I was in Townsquare Media Albany's Cluster OM and WGNA-FM PD/MD Tom "Jake" Jacobsen's office and saw this pile of three year old "album download cards." 

Knowing that Blake's new LP is just a few months away and that there have been three albums out since that one, I had to ask what was up.

Jake says that he keeps that pile of unclaimed prizes from three years ago to remind himself every day of the pace of change.

He says that only about half of the folks who won those digital album downloads knew what they were, let alone how valuable they were at the time.  

The rest are still there waiting for the winners to realize what a cool prize they failed to pick up. When called by the station at the time, the winners said that if they couldn't have a CD, they didn't want them.

Today, he says, digital album downloads fly out the door and the idea of giving away a CD seems so "yesterday."

The pile sits on his desk to remind everyone at the station (and now YOU too!) of how quickly that evolution has occurred.

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