Tuesday, February 07, 2012

You Must Be 18 To Read This Blog

After M.I.A.'s "obscene gesture" on Sunday it's tempting to brag about country music radio being a safe haven for tender little ears, but .. not so fast.

Yahoo Answers: Country songs with cuss words in them?
  • Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue Toby Keith......"we'll put a boot in your a## its the American way"
  • Garth Brooks Third verse to "Friends in low places"
  • Montgomery Gentry: "Does durn count?"
  • Oh and, Hell yeah (also by Montgomery Gentry)
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Miranda Lambert (*****, damn, hell)
  • How 'Bout You Eric Church (***)
  • Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good) Sugarland (***)
  • Drunker than Me Trent Tomlinson (damn)
  • Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) Travis Tritt (damn)
  • Johnny Cash Jason Aldean (screw you, ***)
  • Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You Kellie Pickler (damn)Between the River and Me- Tim McGraw (son of a b****)
  • No Damn Good- Gary Allan
  • Hell on the Heart- Eric Church
  • Ain't Killed Me Yet- Eric Church (hell, damn)
  • Lotta Boot Left to Fill- Eric Church (hell, damn)
  • I Could Kick Your ***- Justin Moore
  • Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound--Hank Williams jr.
  • TOES by Zac Brown Band (*** in the sand)
  • THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA by Charlie Daniels Band (son of a *****)
  • MY GIVE A (DAMN'S) BUSTED by Jo Dee Messina
  • Country Boy Can Survive--Hank Williams jr.
  • KickMy A** (Big & Rich)
  • Kiss My Country *** by Rhett Atkins

I bet you can add a whole lot more.

Town Hall blogger Brent Bozell: Luke Bryan boasted he was listening to hip-hop music when he came up with his 2011 anthem to exotic female dancing, "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)." Bryan recently performed the song on the TV broadcast of the Country Music Awards, complete with a bevy of booty-shaking, leather-clad dancers. The song is overtly sexual, although it didn't need anyone at ABC to hit a bleep button.

The comments on CMT blogger Craig Shelburne's 2008 post Keep Your @#$%^& Cuss Words to Yourself pretty much run the gamut of what listeners say to radio.

They don't like it, unless they love the song. Then, they don't mind it.

Welcome to the 21st Century?


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Rick Eberhart I agree, however, unlike M.I.A., none of these "expletives" are pointed at the audience. We are hearing more and more though.

Buzz Jackson As you know, Jaye, prior to Citadel, KIIM would never play anything with questionable language in it - the owen, Mr. Slone, didn't want to play anything that he would have to explain to his mother. Evidently we caught a lot of heat over the change. If George Strait and Alan Jackson don't need to say "@ss" to make great music, then so can the rest of 'em.

Don Nelson The trend first started way back in the 70s. At that time WIRE, Indy "bleeped" the offending word.

Jay Phillips Folks in Nashville would probably say we're trampling with their 'freedom to create' but all of this has to be a big negative to a good percentage of our audience...it certainly is not a positive.

KellyWayne2: Agree...it's time to wake up

CrystalHuffmon Crystal Primaky i most deff agree
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Anne James said...

Pushing the proverbial envelope is a grand tradition in country music. Remember back in the '70's (the KEEN years) we had Barbara Mandrell's "Midnight Oil" about a woman ADMITTING to cheating on her husband. Scandalous!
Brenda Lee's "Big Four Poster Bed" and Conway Twitty's "I'd Love to Lay You Down" raised a few eyebrows, too.
Sex has lost it's shock value, so now singers just try to see which "naughty" words they can get away with.