Monday, February 06, 2012

This Year, It's Dustin Lynch

Many of country’s biggest stars over the years have performed, met and greeted attendees at A&O’s annual client meeting going back more than two decades to when the meetings where held at the Opryland Hotel.

Now, Lynch realizes another exciting step in his career launch as he performs at the Country Music Hall Of Fame’s Ford Theatre. The event is cosponsored with Broken Bow Records/Stoney Creek Records.

Longtime A&O clients have become used to getting to see fresh faces in an intimate, close-up setting as country radio specialists Albright, O’Malley and their new consulting partner Brenner present yet another reason to attend this year’s Country Radio Seminar and arrive a day early to attend the DJ Hall of Fame banquet, featuring a showcase with Broken Bow performer-songwriter Dustin Lynch.

In a recent Billboard Magazine “615 spotlight,” writer Dauphin started his interview with some Dustin Lynch background:

70 miles separate Tullahoma, Tenn., from Music City. With that close proximity to Nashville, it’s no wonder that Broken Bow recording artist Dustin Lynch became so enamored with the sounds he was hearing on the radio growing up. “Nashville was obviously the big city for me growing up,” Lynch recalls to Billboard. “I can remember coming up here for the malls and the doctor’s appointments and the other big occasions. Each time I would see the skyline, there was just a feeling that would come over me — ‘Man, I’m in Music City.’ It was always so exciting to be in Nashville.” He also recalls his first time going downtown. “My first time on Broadway, I drove myself up to see my first concert, the rock band Incubus. As many times as I’d gone to Nashville, I’d never gotten to go downtown. So, we rolled in with the windows down, and with all the people there and the music, I can never forget that moment.”

To download the full press release as a pdf, with all the info on the meeting, click here.

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