Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three Very Smart CRS Quotes To Save

"We don't call it social media, we call it 'the audience.'" - Dermot McCormack Executive Vice President, Digital Media, MTV Networks Music & Logo Group

"If it sells (Jaye adds: and you know it's selling to potential P-1's of your station!), it's a hit. If it researches (JA: with your target listeners!), it's a hit. If it does both, it's a huge hit. If it doesn't do either one, stop clogging up the system with it." - Tom Baldrica, President, Average Joes Entertainment

Let's face it: just because you're doing 14 different jobs doesn't mean you're multi-tasking. Successful multi-tasking means prioritizing and only doing what hits your goal.

1. Use the same authentic, real voice you'd use when you talk to a friend when you post and comment in all social media.

2. Stop propping up songs on your playlist that aren't selling and are not researching with your listeners.

Finally, I can't add a single thing to new Universal Music Group CEO Mike Dungan's CRS week quote in his Tennessean interview: "I think the best radio comes from someone who understands you, the listener, a fun and entertaining neighbor who is always there, bringing you the cool stuff. There are some radio stations out there that are masters of that. Then there are others that resonate just like corporate wallpaper."

The next ratings month is just around the corner. Give your listener nothing but your very best.

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