Monday, July 04, 2011

They Want What They Want When They Want It

For many years I have been recommending that country stations sound code every title in their library as "F" (familiar artist) or "U" (unfamiliar artist) or at least have some sort of similar system.

Here's why: if you code all tunes whose artist has had three or fewer hits as "U," you'll likely discover that more than 30-40% of your active library is by unfamiliar names - in spite of the fact that you play nothing but "tested" music in all but your light current category!
  • The very same listeners who often complain in perceptual studies of "too much repetition" or even "too many unfamiliar artists' music" actually rate a significant number of songs by "U" artists rather high and no specific tunes have any significant burn on them.
  • Likewise, perceptually, listeners say they want a station that's very upbeat and yet in music tests several hundred ballads consistently research through the roof.
Managing perceived expectations vs realities is what great programmers do, and A&O has developed music scheduling strategies to do just that.

If you're not happy with what's coming out of your speakers, send me a backup.

We'd love to help fix that.

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