Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The New Challenge For Personalities

Learn to stand out from the noise in everyone's life in positive and engaging ways which drive more regular usage.

Radio, on average, continues to satisfy listeners by meeting their expectations as we always have. Perceptual research proves this over and over, and the fact that above average usage isn't being driven doesn't matter to the listener, whose favorite stations have always been "seek" and "scan."

Once upon a time, a great marketing tactic was to find 'em, fool 'em and forget 'em. PPM actually makes radio better for the listener as we all pursue more usage by watching how they behave as they listen to us.

Radio Ink's Ed Ryan: What is your advice to programmers on how to maximize ratings for the PPM?
  1. Look at a graph of your station's average minute audience over multiple weeks.
  2. Look at the "down" time periods, which perform lower than your average.
  3. Study what you and your shared cume competition do at those times.
  4. Smooth out the valleys in your listening and grow the size of your down average minutes to the level of the highest ones.

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