Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gotcha (Again)

If you are not a reporting or monitored station and you think that record labels don't care about you, you are correct.

Unless you can find a way to may them pay attention.

I used to think that helping them sell music at retail would do it, but numerous experiences over the years have convinced me that - at least when it comes to the promotion departments - that is not so. All they are compensated for, and thus only nurture with a passionate focus, is chart numbers.

A major artist comes to town and the hottest new radio station of the last several rating books gets snubbed as the "heritage" reporter receives ticket give aways, meet and greets for their listeners and pre-show interviews. If you thought that anyone in Nashville has noticed that a new country radio leader has emerged, you'd be wrong. They get nothing.

Until a trade magazine finally, at long last, rewards their achievements after several strong rating periods with reporting status. Suddenly, the new station becomes music promoters' new darling and the "old" station - which had been shutting them out - learns how being ignored feels.

Is it any wonder that monitored and reporting programmers adopt a "get it while you can/gotcha" attitude?

They have memories, and Nashville taught them - as they were coming up - that the records-radio relationship is all about taking maximum advantage to attain short-term goals.

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Dan Matthews said...

Oh, it stings!

That's our current reality here at WOW 104.3 in Boise. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't tremendously frustrating.

But I keep being (approprately) reminded that what truly matters is the quality of your product. Listeners don't know who's a reporter and who isn't. They don't even care. But they know when they like to listen to a station that is fun and friendly.

While it still bruises the ego - It's better to remember that our job is to serve the listener and (hopefully) everything else evens out in the end.

At least that's what I keep telling myself :-)