Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Local Angle Makes Every "Bit" Better

Have your morning show do localized "theme days" to create an aura of unpredictability. And, ONE place to go for good, local ideas is the printed Yellow Pages book after you've looked at the latest A&O monthly package of inspiration.

Pick an event or idea that seems like it would be fun for you to share.

Just thumb through the top of page headings and invite local business owners to come in and help the team with: hypnotism day, veterinary day, back rub day, auto repair advice day, haircut day, etc, etc.

Interact with good ones off the air, record (be sure to tell them you are recording, of course!) and edit the best ones. Create spontaneous local character-building engagements for use on the air, as if these folks just happened to drop in when you mentioned the event or holiday.

Build a file of contact info for the most entertaining ones for use in the future, next time the subject comes up.

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