Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Truest Words I Heard All Day Today

The ratings go up

1. It's the GM, CEO, CFO
2. It's the PD, MD, or new voice guy.
3. It's the Jox.
4. It's the secret sound contest we ran for a week.
5. It's the remote on Saturday done from a car dealer by the weekend person
where we gave away 3 T-shirts and 6 month old CD's from the prize closet.
6. We got lucky with the sample this month.
7. It's our new logo.

The ratings go down;

- It's the consultant
- It's corporate.
- It's the sales department.
- The music is weak.
- The news was bad.
- The weather was hot, cold, wet, or dry.
- The morning newsperson was on vacation.
- We got screwed with the sample this month.
- It's our new logo.

- Spoken by longtime exec and media guru Bill Figenshu as we celebrated a great trend for GM Patty Hixson, PD Mac Daniels and their entire Peak Broadcasting KSKS/Fresno team today.

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