Saturday, March 19, 2011

If WikiLeaks Got Hold Of A&O’s Internal Emails

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From: Dan Vanlandingham (A&O Daily Prep Producer)

Subject: Cher

Doing a country music album. That will be interesting to hear. :)

Jaye Albright writes: NOT.

Michael O'Malley: Oy. Who's next? I know, Donald Trump. Flee for the hills!

Jaye Albright: Why is it every artist when their career ends everywhere else fails to listen to "Gone Country?"

Dan Vanlandingham: My guess on who's next: Lindsay Lohan doing a prison album :)

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Dan Vanlandingham said...

Seems that is not the case according to the label...doing a dance album.

So our hopes are with Tommy Shaw hitting #1 with the release of his album today or Lindsay Lohan and that prison album. :)