Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Country Station Leads The Way

Among the consistently best of all the E-Zine newsletters you could possibly subscribe to one of my fav's is "Radio 3-D" from McVay Online Media's Daniel Anstandig.

It's terrific to see that he discovered Delmarva/Wilmington's info websites for folks who are thinking about buying radio to promote their business. (click to get inspired and learn a few things too)
When I asked Jaime Solis if other broadcasters or newspapers in the market are providing information online similar to WXCY, he told me, “The short answer is no. Most traditional media properties in our area have an online presence, but only a few go beyond posting the phone number of the Sales Manager, or a one sheet with very general advertising information. It’s funny; some of the inspiration to build WXCYMedia.com came from my frustration with not being able to find any radio stations’ coverage map on their own web site.”

Anyone who sells radio will benefit from clicking on their case studies.


Buzz Jackson said...

This is a tremendous idea which I will recommend we steal immediately.

Jaime Solis said...

Thank you Jaye and Buzz for the kind words! The project was a lot of fun to construct.