Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Products Are Experiments

ARB's Gary Marince's sensible advice on yesterday's monthly Arbitron PPM call: “When you’re explaining, you’re losing...” no doubt stood some programmers' hair on end.

Produce programming for vacation periods? Constantly conduct experiments in real time?
“The metric that’s most important to me, at first glance, is daily occasions" of listening. He says occasions drive TSL, or Time Spent Listening. “PPM is a wonderful laboratory", because of its rich depth of detail and fast turnaround. But he suggests making just one change at a time, instead of two or more things that might cancel each other out.

In the PPM future, knowledge, innovation and swiftness will be requisites. Are you up for it?

As Tom Peters says "Crazy times call for crazy organizations."

Research tends to make companies too slow to act: 'ready, ready, ready, ready, aim, aim, aim, aim...' The only way to find oil is to drill wells.

Now, you can watch listeners as they consume your product.

Merging two dinosaurs doesn't make a gazelle. In today's world of business, you must be fast, smart and creative. Latent needs + deep insights = tomorrow's opportunities.

Satisfied customers aren't enough today. Satisfaction is simply the difference between feeling P-O'd and feeling nothing. Today, you must WOW your customers.

U1/U2 = success. (U1 = understanding. U2 = urgency)

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