Monday, August 16, 2010

Beware The Futurist's Predictions

A decade ago Jayne Charneski was at Edison Research and famously declared the death of guitar-based rock music, saying back in 2001 the dividing line was age 29 and Gen Y had abandoned grunge for Hip Hop. She was widely quoted as saying that guitar based rock was going to target an increasingly older and older audience.

Today, she continues to predict the future based on today's trends, and last Saturday night in West Palm Beach watching the sellout young-skewing crowd loving the amazing, rocking guitar licks of Brad Paisley, preceded by "Hootie" Darius Rucker who kept them on their feet and southern rocker Justin Moore I had to chuckle aloud.

Then it hit me: before I start patting myself on the back as a witness to this stunning turn of events as country music so clearly benefited from the schism she described who lived to see it all, I had no idea at the time where it was all going either but somehow I knew that country music would prevail.

I'm thinking that Darius would agree.

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