Monday, August 09, 2010

They Work This Every Year

.. and, we fall for it every year and no wonder. It's a great win-win, which hopefully you also do locally with local TV as well.

Click here to see some quintessential co-host personalities look and sound like!

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James Rabe said...

There are some angry...check that...VERY angry people out there...and they're angry at Live. The Top 100 were, from what I've read, told by Live that the person with the most votes will get on the show, when, really, it had nothing to do with votes.

From one gal I know, the show even contacted people saying, "Send us a video...and make sure people keep voting on Facebook! The most votes wins!" The top 10, from everything I've read, was NOT selected by votes.

I'm not dealing with it first hand, but I've read too much anger on too many angry FB pages to think it's just sour grapes at not winning. If all the reports are accurate, it may not hurt Live much, but it certainly would be an example of a poor way to run a promotion.