Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun/Creativity Beats Visibility

One station at a recent sold-out arena show had banners inside the venue, but the other station’s “(superstar name) City” (a big top tent in a parking lot across the street) became a destination for concert-goers...as evidenced by the thousands and thousands of cans of food they collected as otherwise free admission to their pre-show mini-concert.

The people who brought food were listeners to the station. They had to be to know about the “I Gave My Can To Help (Artist Cause)” food-for-a-T-shirt swap deal.

(The station had received the artist’s management's written approval in advance to design custom T-shirts for the event. They would not have been permitted to distribute the shirts without a fax at the concert site that proved that.)

Lots of shirts very visible all over the venue, of course, but what made it all work was the clever verbiage and design of the shirts supporting the act’s favorite charity.

What made them approve the t-shirt? It had to be the fun, creative design in support of the star's charity.

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