Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are You A LeBron? Or A Taylor?

Generations ("turnings") and birth dates do a lot to define us. For example, both Gen-Xer LeBron James and Millennial Taylor Swift are December's children.

This year, he celebrates his 26th birthday and she will be 21.

"X" seemingly marks the spot for folks born prior to 1981. Don't ask "Y," but the defining culture changed after that year, even though a mere five years separates their ages.
  • Gen X = Good of the me.
  • Millennial = Good of the team?
  • Or, not?
Questions are being asked about why James felt the need to make such a major media opera of his decision to leave Cleveland and move to Miami.

Maybe there's a bit of "Y" in him too, since Taylor spent an hour online with 60,000 fans and media to simply say that she has a new single coming soon.

Or, is there a little "X" in her?

One thing for sure. You won't be seeing a "LeBron Connect" social network with him anytime soon.

What about you? When were you born? What age do you target? Do you have some homework to do?

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