Sunday, July 11, 2010

Now There's More Than One "Target"

Age and sex are just the beginning of the things you must know about your audience in order to compete effectively.

Today, you better know where your audience lives, brand preferences - whether its your radio station OR your client's brand, product consumption, lifestyle data, shopping habits, psychographics, use of other media - not just what other radio stations they listen to.
  • What is cable penetration in your market?
  • Satellite radio?
  • How many have smart phones? Which ones?
  • Percentage of households by age cell which no longer have land line telephone service?
  • Download/streaming preferences? (music discovery priorities)
  • What part of your survey area has more than average/less than average penetration for country and other forms of music?
  • Where do your listeners use you at work?
  • What other stations do they also use, by daypart and by listening location?
The more you know about ALL these things, the more 'on target' your programming and marketing can be.


Andrew Curran said...

Jaye, great post.

It's easy to view a station database as simply a group of email addresses that feeds your station e-newsletter, but the true depth and value of a listener database is when you use it to more deeply understand and interact with your audience, especially those select few who drive your ratings.

Dan Baker said...

I can't recall which business show put out the quote "Anyone who says they're a social media expert, isn't..." while cautioning businesses seeking consultation about social media marketing strategies, but I thought it was a good one....

Pro surfers use an uncontrollable deadly force of nature to succeed in their can't beat that wave, yet with enough wisdom and style you can beat your competitor riding the same wave....try too hard and you end up on the rocks, bleeding...