Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Every Morning Show Needs A "Crazy"

Jimmy Wayne is pictured above with KNIX/Phoenix's Barrel Boy during a roadside visit the other day as Jimmy made his way across the Arizona border on his 1700-mile walk for teen homeless awareness on his Meet Me Halfway campaign.

Too much is not enough even when it comes to the vuvuzela. From WTNR/Grand Rapids' "Scrubs in the Morning" show here's Flounder with a cold and Party Paul with a vuvuzela, a "fudge" taste test or (some other daily stunt).

What have you done lately that's childish and simply silly?


Adam the Dancing Cowboy said...

But that's how Indiana Al from KRTY got his start! Going through car washes in speedos in the back of trucks and doing 8 second rides in industrial sized driers (both activities not recommended for anyone under 18).

Anonymous said...

Jaye! Thanks so much for including Flounder of Scrubs In The Morning in your blog! We are getting great feedback from our materials that you and Mike showed off at the Conclave!