Thursday, July 01, 2010

To Fully Monitize PPM, We'll Need To Learn To Predict The Future

* Entravision’s Jeffery Liberman told Radio-Info's Tom Taylor that “more than 50% of all Hispanic men listening to radio in the Los Angeles-Riverside market” were tuned in to one radio broadcast during morning drive to some part of the June 11 opening match between Mexico and South Africa. Entravision has L.A.-market “El GatoKDLD (103.1), Santa Monica and Riverside-market “Jose” KLYY (97.5). Jeffery expects even higher ratings going into the quarterfinals.

* During the February Winter Olympics, BBM reported that more than half the population of Canada was glued to their TV, watching their team's gold medal victory over the U.S.

Metered measurement is certainly demonstrating the immense power of "events" to drive huge audience shares, but it's one thing to know after the fact that something you did drew a big crowd.

Feels very nice, obviously. But, did you charge enough for the spots, naming rights and sponsorships?

The "art" of the future will be to recognize well in advance the big things your station is going to be doing in the coming months that will draw extraordinary listenership so that you're credibly able to aggressively price and sell out those broadcasts, so that when the ratings for them come out both the advertisers and your bottom line greatly benefit.

Smart managers have always been masters of the art of yield management, but PPM is taking it into the realm of three dimensional chess.

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