Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Avoiding BEING An April Fool

Every radio station has a great April Fool prank story.  (click to hear a great one (mp3) from Chris Reiser)

One of my all time favorites (click for a montage mp3) was performed a few years ago by Nanaimo's 102.3 FM The WAVE and was the result of considerable planning, even involving advance conspiracy by city officials.  And, as with any great radio bit, it also involved a replay and reaction element for the "day after" (click to hear that mp3)

Another tradition:  Broadcast attorney David Oxenford's seemingly annual blog cautioning against hoaxes

In 2011, he wrote:  "...have fun, but think through your April Fools gags carefully.  Don't do anything that could make you look like a fool after the April 1 has come and gone.

Last year"While a little fun is OK, remember that the FCC does have a rule against on-air hoaxes - and, of any day in the year, April 1 is the day that the broadcaster is most at risk."

I'm sure that another one is coming any day now.  Don't make it be about you.

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102.3 The Wave said...

One of the key things that made that "smoking vest" stunt work, aside from giving the city advance notice, was that "Bylaw Hotline" number of 616-0779. Anyone who phoned it was immediately answered with "April Fool" and an explanation.