Monday, March 18, 2013

As "Loyal" As Jerry

All good radio sales people have two common characteristics:  One, they want to make as much money for themselves as possible.  Two:  They want to help you program the radio station.

If you're tired of trying to explain why you can't play a sales-staffer's favorite new song, suggest they watch the Tom Cruise movie "Jerry Maguire". 

Cruise is driving down the road after closing a big deal.  While he's driving, he hits the scan button repeatedly, looking for a song he's passionate about.  He finds a few tunes that he likes, but it's not until he finds one that he knows every word of that he finally takes his hand off the radio.  He's found a song he's passionate about.  And because he has, he' sticking with that station.

As Thor Kolner, who did marketing for us 15 years ago preached, you want your listeners to respond to your radio station the same way Cruise does to that station in the movie.  To do that, you need to play songs that listeners are passionate about.  Finding those songs isn't always easy.  It takes a lot of work and experience.  The stations that don't play the right music, are the ones listeners like Jerry Maguire pass over.

But if the music experts in your sales department still insist on telling you what songs to add, just remind them:  It's passionate listeners who respond best to the advertising messages they're selling.

And besides, "Jerry McGuire" may be listening.

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