Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Tip To Help You Speak Better

.. from Ryan Seacrest

In the New York Times?  Yep.

The Big Profile

In his earliest days as host of “American Idol,” Ryan Seacrest was plagued by his persistently parched mouth.

“I talk all day for a living — why do I feel like I’ve just run at an incline on a treadmill?” says Seacrest, who is also a radio D.J. and a fixture at red-carpet events. “

And I realized: Ah, I’m having sushi and soy sauce and edamame before I went on the air.” Now, he says, “I always brush my teeth and use mouthwash so my saliva’s not too thick and I can speak quickly.”

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Jozum said...

Exercise, water and rest. Those are the keys to a healthy and workable voice. As a professional voice studet, I am taught proper singing technique. In turn, that techniques teaches you how to speak; the same muscles of the body are used in both activities. Singing/speaking is like an athletic endeavor; the muscles have to be exercised and replenished with nutrients and rest. Take care of the chords (vocal) and they'll take care of you!