Friday, August 10, 2012

You Go, Beau!

In the early 80's, I was PD at KMPS/Seattle and he was GM for what even way back then was clearly "Seattle's Best Rock," KISW.  The instant I heard his radio station I knew that this guy Beau Phillips was someone special and as I got to know his people my admiration grew.  He inspired them.  He challenged them.  He and his team created great radio.

Not surprisingly, Beau has been involved with some of the most impressive media launches and campaigns over the three decades since that time.

His Dial Global Networks exit interview with Radio Ink Magazine contains wisdom which will sustain his many industry fans (of which I am a big one) for a long time to come:
- Build a lasting brand. Radio jukeboxes can’t compete against stations who create an emotional bond with listeners. Engage listeners and create loyalty through clever personalities, topical and timely info, and music discovery.
- Stop trying to outsmart PPM.
- Invest in personalities. They are our biggest competitive advantage. Not one station in the Top 50 markets wins with “more music” in AM Drive.
- Focus on adding great content. Too much attention is being paid to eliminating anything that listeners might tune OUT. But not enough effort is made to add exciting content to encourage tune IN. The game is all about creating more listening “instances."
- Realize that you can’t "cut to success." Now that broadcasters are running lean operations, it’s time for Act II -- Growing The Stations. Look to brilliant stations like WTOP, KISW, and WBEB as your beacon. Successful companies know the winning formula is People, Product, Promotion, Profit…in that order. The shrink and starve approach just can’t sustain. You can’t, and will drive yourself crazy trying.

Take and live by this advice, radio, and your future will be very bright.  His own life example offers ample proof of that.

Thank you, Beau.  Best wishes on your next conquest!

We'll all be watching you very closely to see what inspires you and where you'll devote your endless energy and creativity next.


Coop said...

Beau has a great grasp of the medium and the ability to focus on how to win. Like no other programmer in my lengthy radio career, I would leave our meetings totally psyched to go on the air at 120mph with my hair on fire (if I still had hair....)

Can't wait for the next chapter.

Scott Gaines. Dallas, TX · said...

Breakfast Blog is always GREAT, but today is extra special.

Beau's words of radio wisdom hold true and we here at DG are examples of it! He let us have fun and be who we are and that's what makes radio fun!!