Monday, August 20, 2012

Radio & Podcast, Mark & Lynda, Brian & Jill, You & The Future?

Kevin Carter and Steve Resnik (click to read Monday's "RAMP" email) wrote a very sensitive recap of what happened Friday on the Los Angeles airwaves (click to listen)

Now, Brian's first post-show podcast with Mark and his new online cohost Jill explains a lot about what's happening to them all next.
"There's more coming, because it's a changing time."

The Wikipedia entry on the longtime duo has now been updated to include the past tense, but provides a great history of their many accomplishments.

Godspeed to both of them as they break new trails for the rest of us who also know that we, too, must  learn to profit from the differences and possibilities of traditional broadcast and emerging interactive media.

Thanks, Mark & Brian, for all you've done to advance the art of radio personality.

Bon voyage on what you plan to do next in new media content creation.

We will all be watching and listening.


RadioInfo/Talkers said...

More Radio Talent are Becoming Entrepreneurs and some are doing it kicking and screaming, while others embrace the feeling of independence and potential opportunity that comes with it. An informal in-house TALKERS magazine survey of radio stations and syndication companies conducted over the past two years indicates that the combination of new technology and difficult economic conditions are fueling this trend. The traditional employer/employee relationship between talent and platform provider is increasingly being replaced by independent contractor deals with many air personalities – even at major market heritage stations - operating as the principals of their own production companies. Within this new paradigm, on-air performers are responsible for their own health care, make lower salaries, and have shorter-term commitments from their “employers.” In return, they are granted the flexibility of working from home, broadcasting different shifts to other out of town stations and receiving revenue sharing deals on their shows and related intellectual property.

The Morning Mouth said...

Cumulus Media's KLOS has announced the return of the Heidi and Frank show to Los Angeles radio beginning September4. The show will broadcast live Monday through Friday on KLOS from 6am to 10am PST. "After a long and thoughtful search which overwhelmed us with great, established talent and new talent waiting to be discovered both in and out of radio, I couldn't be more pleased with the selection of The Heidi and Frank show to continue on the tradition that Mark and Brian set in place with 25 years of Hall of Fame radio,” said John Dickey, Co-COO of Cumulus Media. The show features Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer. The Heidi and Frank show started their long successful run in LA as the top rated morningshow on Star 98.7. CBS recognized their talent and broad appeal and hired them away to join a legendary cast of talent on the highly acclaimed 97.1 KLSX. They quickly found their voice among men and woman in LA and never looked back. Following the success of their show on KLSX, The Heidi and Frank show grabbed an even larger stage by migrating over to the Internet. The Heidi and Frank show became the #1 paid subscriber-supported Internet show in America. "KLOS is Rock. KLOS is the definitive iconic rock radio station in the World. It's one of those stations that evokes a feel good emotion while you're driving in you car. I'm beyond honored that Frank Kramer and I have been invited to become a part of something so legendary! The Heidi and Frank Show fans are second to NONE and I know they will be with us on this long fun ride together," said Host Heidi Hamilton.