Saturday, August 18, 2012

Follow The Leader?

I wish Clear Channel had taken their idea to the NAB with the goal of having all of broadcasting get behind 9/11 Day not just as a feather in the cap of one big company proving how powerful and influential it is but instead making the idea much bigger, big enough for all of us.

BUT, they didn't.  So what now, fellow "frenemies?"  Do we get involved in "their promotion" and get no credit for it in what you know will be the glowing PR to come about how much Clear Channel did for 9/11 Day?
“The overall level of participation surrounding the 10th anniversary of 9/11 was astounding, and we hope to build on last year’s success,” said Jessica King, Director of Community Engagement for Clear Channel. “Clear Channel’s efforts are intended to remind people across the U.S. that they can pay tribute to those impacted by 9/11 by engaging in simple positive acts.” 

There are lots of ways you can commemorate 9/11, named in federal law as a day of service.  Just sign up on the website by registering your project, if getting credit is what drives you and get started.

Other ways to help:
As usual, there is no shortage of ways you can make a difference if you choose to act.

Follow the leader?

Not if the leader is heading toward a cliff, so "study the leader," first. 

But, when the leader is genuinely leading - and a parade is forming - it's time to get in step, join it or organize your own parade going the same way.

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