Monday, March 05, 2012

Not Able To Be At CRS? Catch Up On What You Missed

Conduct your own Country Radio Seminar: all of the panel handouts are now available (most are free and require no logins) by clicking here.

Hear most of the sessions as digital downloads (click to order)

Especially worth your time are the videos of the one to one interviews about how out listeners feel about and use country music and radio. Click to watch:
  • What do you love most about Country? Video 1
  • How long have you been listening to Country? Video 2
  • Old Country vs. New Country Video 3
  • Lyrics & Themes Video 4
  • What does Country music mean to you? Video 5
  • Country Crossover Video 6
  • “Twang” Video 7
More videos are at Edison Research's website.

I know it's a lot to watch, but I would not be a consultant if I didn't nag a bit.

1. Your competition is probably viewing them right now.
2. Plan now to put what you learn from it on your radio station now.

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