Monday, March 12, 2012

Loud And Proud

Canny Bob Wood, who always seems to be 'the friend who has the best audio gear' in my address book has golden ears. He just passed along a notice of this week's "Dynamic Range Day."

Given the popularity of the mp3 and Pandora's HE-AAC compression, I find it hard to agree that most folks can hear the difference and still believe that the biggest, loudest radio station on the dial wins the ratings too.

Audiophiles talk about grunge hurting time spend listening, but I have been tracking Arbitron and BMM stats for decades and have never seen any coorelation between loudness and weak TSL.

How about you?

In the battle between Orban, Wheatstone and Omnia, I cheer for all of them to keep pushing the boundaries of the psychology of sound to help leading radio stations continue to SOUND like leaders, when compared to everything else on the dial.

If it's been awhile since you have compared what's available, it's time to do so.

Which one do you prefer these days? Or, is their a mysterious black box in your audio chain that you'd prefer not to talk about?

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