Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Changing The Way You Focus On Things"

We focus a lot on our community and what’s going on in our town. Of course, we hit the national pop culture stories too, but we’re very locally focused, very interactive with our listeners whether on the phone or online.
Once a week, the Humane Society comes in with a new pet. We take a video, put it up on the website and Facebook page and we talk about it.

And, we have a 100 percent adoption rate! Every week, that critter gets adopted.

I feel like the percentage of listeners who call you is so small. With social media, they’re more comfortable talking with you online. even people who just kind of listen to us will take time to look at our Facebook page, to see our pictures, to make a comment and to like us.

And, the fact that we interact back creates a stronger bond; it makes them more likely to become our P1s.

-- Scotty Cox and Carissa Loethen of KCLR, Columbia. (Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year) to Brad Schmitt in CMA CloseUp

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