Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Learning From The Politicians

Arbitron, Pandora, Edison Research and Ando Media are all playing "the game" well, right now.

What can you learn from it all?

1. Negative Advertising

  • Show a meaningful comparison or reinforce existing negative opinions of your opponent (“proving someone’s dislike”)
  • Use no unwarranted personal attacks
  • Use humor to soften the blow
  • Use candidates’ own words to associate them with negatives (you must aggressively monitor your competitors to do this)
  • Use a “High/low” approach - talk about your positives while you attack a competitor’s position
2. Position Your Opponent Before He Positions You
  • Don’t ignore a new competitor; they’re going to be noticed as soon as they start to market; act first
  • One of the most powerful attacks for a new competitor is to hang the old/out of touch handle on you
  • Respond rapidly. Unanswered advertising works (see don’t ignore new competitor)
  • Whoever quits marketing first will suffer (Ross Perot was considerably stronger where he continued market after others quit)
3. Steal Their Issues
  • Steal anything they do that is good
  • Muddy the waters
  • Shade the product towards the attacker to dilute their uniqueness
4, Conduct Opposition Research
  • Dig up facts on competition; not only is it fodder for attacks, it helps foster an understanding of where they are likely to go
  • Monitor everything they do

-- Larry Rosen, Edison Media Research, Applying Political Strategies to Radio (from a 1996 presentation to A&O's Pre-CRS client seminar)

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