Monday, December 19, 2011

The Future Depends On Quality Research

I have no idea what the term "radio" means anymore in the emerging multi-platform world, but this seems obvious as everything starts to merge on the digital vehicle dashboard.

1. Having a major program supplier and analog radio owner/vendor to terrestial radio own what they say is "internet radio's standard for measurement..."

2. Supporting radio's highly-profitable audience measurement umpire as they try to stitch together all of their existing diary and PPM methodologies with proposed new ideas to erect a credible source of multi-platform audio usage data...

.. both possibilities compete in my head. Which would be the greatest potential conflict of interest and/or source of new business and solid pricing criteria?

One very savvy analyst whom I respect predicts "confusion in 2012."

Another seems to be beguiled by on-screen graphics
rather than what comes out of the speakers, making my head hurt.

Who knows where it's all going long term, but, medium term, when two radio-friendly companies - both of which know and count financially on the viability of our business as it is today - I hope we don't have to choose between suitors.

It would be wonderful to see new competition in radio's audience measurement offerings.

Quality, reliable, local data which buyers can trust is the whole ballgame.

Insist on nothing less.

If anything being proposed devalues the current "radio/audio" revenue model, reject it.

We all acknowledge that we're an undervalued medium now.

It would be a mistake to help any supplier broaden their revenue base to emerging media at our expense.


Inside Radio said...

Becoming the first provider to market with a local internet radio ratings service, Triton Digital will begin making all of the data from its national monthly Webcast Metrics rankers available on a local market level, beginning with the November 2011 data set. Local data will not be released publicly – it will be the exclusive property of the subscribing publisher. said...

Arbitron says "We strongly advise clients to avoid comparing self-reported audience estimates from Internet music services to Arbitron radio audience estimates" that are derived from diaries or meters, kept by an Arbitron-chosen panel. Click the link to read their ten bullet points.