Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Build Connections to People Not Things"

As politics really heats up and 2012 dawns, I've been reminded of some tips given to A&O clients based on his experience doing political research from Larry Rosin:
  • Listeners are more loyal to DJs than "XX in a rows;" sell personal aspects of the station including the people who work there.
  • Sell beyond quantity, mix. Use Symbolism - attach yourself to positives, your opponent to negatives. Don't put listeners in the middle of the battle between you.
  • Use Powerful Words: verbs not adjectives drive action.
  • Avoid clich├ęs like “the best music” and use action and specifics, “we’re playing more Blake.”
  • Press The Flesh. It's incredibly powerful; people remember where you go. In politics, the chance of someone voting for a candidate skyrockets if that person has met the candidate.
  • Work Grassroots Organizations. Charity work feels good to do, of course, but it's also helpful for this reason too.
  • As ARB and BBM struggle to reach younger demos, the type of people who can be reached by their current methodology drive the rating results, just like elections. With so few voting, get those who’ll vote for you to do so (analogous with working heavy users, motivating the core to vote for you). It's useless if your biggest fans won't participate in radio ratings surveys. Encourage them, reward them for giving their opinions.
  • Database management is increasingly important; don’t just complain about returns, act on them. It takes excellent organization and execution to win.
  • Play “Retail Politics:” service the constituents; cater to heavy users. Make sure they know that you know their name.
  • Research: uncover deeply held values and key issues and act on them.

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