Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Old" is OUT. "New" is IN.

The A artist base is changing, but that's not all as country's demos shift with the arrival of Generation Y at our horizon. So, let's start a list.

  • another ten in a row/commercial free hours
  • no need to tell the names of the songs/Tell every title and artist
  • timing DJ rap right up to the posts of songs/respect for the music, crush and roll, stop when you're finished, no talk over extros and then intros too
  • EZ listening, oldies ac/hot ac
  • the best/mine
  • hype, hard sell/fun, humanness
  • superlatives/stationality, attitude
  • 12 minutes of commercials in six breaks per hour/10 units, two breaks, no more than three minutes in any QH
  • jokes/tightly edited real local people on the phone, Facebook, Tweets
  • friendly chatter/brevity, word efficiency
  • ad libbing/self-editing
  • 80's style positioning branding/benchmarking
  • slogans/doing it, being it, not just saying it
  • big on air contests/data base - silent contests
  • promotions/more creative value-added involving online and off air events
  • small prizes to the 10th caller/small prizes to everyone in the data base - off air
  • contests and drawings/rewards
  • requests/music rotations
  • TAP plans/OES
  • oldies features/countdowns
  • memorability/memorability
  • top of mindness/top of mindness

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