Thursday, December 16, 2010

Country's Top PPM Performer 18-34

Arbitron PPM Market Manager Jenny Tsao's client conference presentation (click to watch all of the online videos) on the metrics of the most successful stations 18-34 and 25-54 in the top 30 markets (click to download her presentation pdf) contained one non-surprise and one very pleasant surprise.

Not one country station ranked #1 25-54 among the top 30 markets in the months she studied for her overview. (that will change of course as they are able to study more markets in the coming year)

18-34 was a different story, however. One country station made the cut!

Tsao ID'd the overachiever country station as Cox's San Antonio country outlet and fortunately its longtime programmer Randy Chase was in the room to bask in the glory of Y-100's achievement, which may stand for a very long time.

When Univision resumed PPM encoding on April 1, that ended KCYY's 18-34 #1 rank status during first quarter 2010, but Chase's station continues to do exceedingly well in the primary difference maker for Top Performers, daily cume, especially "one or more hour per day" daily cume.

Top Performer TSL, according to Tsao's analysis, is driven by how often listeners tune in (occasions) more than time spent per occasion.

If you want to emulate one of the best country performers in PPM ratings, Y-100, San Antonio is still a good one to study (and celebrate!).

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