Friday, March 19, 2010

No Need To Wait Until Monday

There has already been an amazingly fast and large (I cut the survey off at 250 folks) response to my survey, Keith Urban, Politics And Music, posted yesterday.

So, here's the final tally. The orange (yes, that is 0%) is the percent of respondents who think radio should ease up on play of Keith Urban.

The blue indicates those (100%) who say NO to that idea. I see a lot of surveys in my job, but I have never seen a large sample agree 100% on anything ever before.

It seems that good sense in music preference prevails in spite of today's political din.


facebook Thread said...

Lee Ann Taylor
Keith is an artist that transcends many issues. He does his music, stays true to his roots, loves his fans. That's all that needs to be said.

Peter Walker
wow. People are still (acc. to the comments) p***ed at Natalie. Unreal...

Gary Lee
Let's move on's all about the music!

Dave said...

At the time this happened, I was programming an A/C station in New England. Landslide was a crossover hit at the time. Our country station was told by corporate to stop playing their songs. I remember my OM coming to me and say "You need to stop playing Landslide too." I told him "No, Natalie's comments aren't an issue with my audience." Our station never received one call about playing Landslide.

No matter how you personally feel about what she said, it's time for the Chicks to come back. Their music is fantastic. The concert this summer will be huge, whether the country audience chooses to support it or not.