Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Never Seen This Before!

The note from John Windus, PD at KKRV/Wenatchee says it:
"Oh, Copytimer! Is there anything you CAN'T do?"

* Accurately times scripts written in English or Spanish.
* Offers three different modes for different script formats:
* Spot Timer times all the text you enter in a flash.
* Script Timer supports a screenplay format, timing only dialogue.
* Video Timer supports a two-column format, timing only audio.
* Web-based Copytimer requires no installation or disk space.
* Write, edit and time scripts from any computer, anywhere.
* Print scripts directly from the Copytimer program.
* Conveniently save your scripts as DOC files or PDFs.
* Save your files both locally and remotely for safekeeping.
* Time your scripts as you write them, saving untold work.
* Work with scripts faster and more efficiently than ever before.

... i.e., VERY cool stuff!

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